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The Medici Fortress at the top of the hill above Cortona is worth a visit in it’s own right, if not just for spectacular views, you can see Il Pino with a good camera lens on a clear day.

They also have art and other exhibitions on, this year they have installed a multimedia exhibition on life in the Val di Chiana, which is worth dropping in to see. There are lots of old photos from the last century of the local way of life juxtaposed with photos of modern life in the valley with the same communities, fascinating to see how much and how little has changed and you don’t need to speak Italian to understand or appreciate it.

There are some excellent historical itineraries of art and castles and fortresses in the valley which are up on display alongside short films which give you an idea of the little known treasures to be found in the area around Il Pino.



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Sky News

Is there anyone else who used to have Sky News from their Freeview box (or other source) but no longer has the signal?  I’m trying to find out if it’s a 4B problem or an Il Pino one…


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The Cortona International Art website has information on art classes, art exhibitions and gastro cooking classes near Cortona. At the moment from end of May 2011 for three months there is an exhibition by an Italian born Australian, Antonio Muratore, who has exhibited in London, the UK and Italy. See the website for updated information on other art exhibitions: www.cortonart.com


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For a forecast that’s more accurate than most try http://www.ilmeteo.it, type in Toscana for the region, Arezzo for the provincia and Cortona for the comune/localitá. It will give you seven days.

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