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In late May/early June Cortona hosts their annual Giostra dell’Archidado (Joust of the Archers).It’s held on the Sunday of Pentecost (Whitsunday) which in 2011 is Sunday 5th June. There are colourful parades in medieval costume, flag waving and other events on each night for the week before culminating in a crossbow shooting competition on the sunday for the honour of the golden arrow in Piazza Signorelli. Check with the Cortona APT (tourist office) for more info or go to http://www.cortonaweb.net/it/eventi/32-xxvi-giostra-dellarchidado (translate the page with Google translate if you don’t read italian).

Maggiolate Lucignanese – Lucignano, on the last two Sundays in May, which in 2011 are 22nd to 29th May. There is a colourful parade of huge mardi gra type floats decked in flowers through the tiny streets of Lucignano. See Arezzo APT website for more info (listed in the Festivals, Sagre and Palios category of this blog) or go to the Maggiolata website for the programme of events: http://www.maggiolatalucignanese.it/it/la-maggiolata/settimana-maggiolina.html

Calendimaggio – Asissi. We haven’t been but its highly recommended by the Festivals of Tuscany website (which we’ve shown a link for in the Festivals, Sagre and Palios category of this blog). First Thursday, Friday, and Saturday after the first of May.

Mille Miglia – world famous endurance car race with beautiful vintage cars, stops in Buonconvento for public viewing of the cars on 8th May 2010 11.30 -2pm. See website for more details: http://www.1000miglia.eu


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